We are a Centre that supports the people from the previously disadvantage communities. Our aim is to provide fun-packed education, skills and training delivered in a safe, healthy and dynamic environment. Our purpose is to promote dignity, gain and develop the appropriate skills required to support and encourage independence.

The learner has the assurance and comfort of being supported by staff who are there to encourage and assist them to accomplish even the smallest, yet just as of importance, of goals. Accessing the community can be of considerable benefit to the client: increase in confidence and knowledge of their local area; and making friends, are to name but just a few. We also provide careers information, advice and guidance, and work-based training programmes aimed at building the career management skills that will enable them to thrive in a changing economy.

About us



Our Vision


"Everyone in our community, regardless of their income or social position, will be able to access education and training that will benefit them in gaining employment and advancing their career aspirations."

Our Core Values


  • Access and Equity Our services are available to everyone who needs them

  • Quality A qualification from us should be acknowledged as a sign that the person has received quality training

  • Continuous improvement We are always looking for ways to improve services to our clients

  • Respect for individuals We adapt our services to meet the needs of individual clients

  • Integrity We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour

  • Community We build partnerships with people and organizations who share our ideals so that together we can achieve more for our clients

  • Service We exist to serve our community

Academic programs


EDUSPHERE helps individuals turn dreams into achievable goals through accessible, high quality, affordable learning opportunities. Become a EDUSPHERE learner and make your goals happen, whether that is to learn a new skill, qualify for a new job or start your career.


EDUSPHERE offers various courses in a wide range of areas. With a full academic calendar covering classroom-based sessions, coursework, practical sessions, seminars, fieldwork, etc., EDUSPHERE certificates are valued for the effort and insight they imply. We invite you to go through our list of departments, courses, and faculty members.


Do let us know if there is any further information you may need. We look forward to your mails. Undecided about what academic path to pursue? Academic advisors help you define educational goals and provide information, encouragement and advice for making good decisions. We listen to concerns, ask questions to help you through the decision-making process and maintain confidentiality.


Prospective learners should call 010 880 5199 to schedule an advising appointment.

Our mission


We will:

  • Ensure our services are accessible and accommodate our clients' individual needs

  • Provide skills training and education to provide pathways for people to gain employment and advance in their careers

  • Offer training programs that meet industry and employer skills requirements

  • Provide high-quality services

  • Partner with other organisations and people to achieve mutual goals

  • Reinvest our profits to grow the services we provide to the community